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    Spirit CE800 Elliptical, 78″ x 28″ x 67″

    Spirit CT850 Treadmill, 84" x 35" x 57":
    The CT850 features a heavy-duty steel frame, a durable powder coat finish and large steel console masts for ultimate stability and durability.The cool running, brushless 4.0 Horse Power AC Drive motor adds to the reliability of theCT850 treadmill while providing the torque and smooth continuous power required by the unique needs of its users.
    Dimensions: 84" x 57" x 35" Weight: 437.0 lbs Weight Capacity: 450 lbs. Notice: Typically ships in 1 week.
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    Spirit CE850 Elliptical, 84″ x 32″ x 70″

    Spirit CE850 Elliptical, 84" x 32" x 70":
    The CE850 is designed with convenience, comfort, reliability, and aesthetic appeal in mind. This unit features a multitude of program options, wireless and contact heart rate, an adjustable stride length (18"-24" in .5" increments), 20 levels of resistance, a 30 lb. flywheel, and an extensive amount of console feedback This model is very appealing  to someone that values a smooth ride and extensive data feedback.
    Dimensions: 84" x 70" x 32" Weight: 305.0 lbs Weight Capacity: 450 lbs. Notice: Typically ships in 1 week.
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    Spirit XE795 Elliptical, 70″ x 22″ x 68″

    Spirit XE795 Elliptical, 70" x 22" x 68":
    The XE795 is self-powered, meaning no cords to worry about. You can place this product anywhere. The large sealed roller bearings used with the pedal arms and handlebars, along with the dual roller wheels and aluminum tracks, ensure a smooth and reliable workout. The frame has been constructed as one solid welded piece from front to back for added  stability and durability, while minimizing noise.
    Dimensions: 70" x 68" x 22" Weight: 269.0 lbs Weight Capacity: 400 lbs. Notice: Typically ships in 1 week.